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 PunishmenT Guild Policy

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PostSubject: PunishmenT Guild Policy   Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:24 am

Welcome to PunishmenT Guild's forum!

PunishmenT Guild Orgleader:


PunishmenT Guild Viceorgleaders:


Prodigies Guild Policy

• PunishmenT guild accept players over level 199 (reborned Lv 100+).

Guildmates alt characters are allowed to join the guild with keeping the required
level. We do not accept any character under the level requirement. But there could be exceptions when a guildmate has a quality character near the level requirement, after discussing it with the leadership, it's allowed to join.

• We wish to build a friendly environment for our Guildmates. And while working on it,
we keep in mind the follow adages:
1. Duty
2. Equality
3. Fraternity

• We do believe that every Guildmate represent the guild itself, so as for our guild
chat, and every other chat we do not accept drama nor spam, nor bad mouthing.

We highly disapprove of scamming, hacking. We keep the rights to delete and
blacklist members, who have been confirmed to commit or trying any of these sins.

One for All, All for One. Our community is there to help for each and every member
of the guild. Loyalty and active membership will be rewarding. Help and be helped. Help us to help you.

English is basic condition of joining Prodigies, so make sure we are all able to
communicate with each other. However every Guildmates are allowed to use their
language until it won’t set back our community.

• The procession of joining is the application itself. If a future Guildmate is interested
in joining us, He/ She have to write a decent application.

Application which has missing answeres for the recommanded application template is going to be ignored.

• Application without recommendation is going to be ignored.

• We keep the rights to put our newcomers under transition period which can be 2 – 4

• If you have troubles to play wonderland online for more than 3 days we expect you
to notify us about it. We keep the rights to delete inactive players who are away for
more than 1 week without informing us.

Very important!

When you accept the invite to our guild, you accept PunishmenT guild policy and we
expect you to act considering it!

Applying ex-guild players are a special exception. And as for the future they might be allowed back to the guild, without writing a new application. Also, if the leadership thinks a quality player has right to be a part of the guild, that player can be allowed to join without keeping the level requirement in mind.

Prodigies Guild Policy is effective from 12 July 2011.

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PunishmenT Guild Policy
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