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 Leo Scammers!!!!!

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PostSubject: Leo Scammers!!!!!   Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:12 pm

Around May 26th-27th my killer fire Sophieka2 got hacked/scammed per 2 leo players complaining with other from Aries. They are Leonore (Cecilia, MillyAnn) and Darack (Shake, tatapon)
Here the reports n proofs.
This is IGG reply for my first report.

Dear Player, This is IGG Team. Thanks for your query. Regarding your problem about hacking, we have found out the hackers ***nore, ***imo and***ack and punished them. To recover your lost items, we recommend you apply for the assistance service with 200 IGG points. For more detail about the service, please visit
Thank you for your support. Yours sincerely, GM1396 IGG WL GM Team ------------------------------------- Homepage: Service Center: Live Support: IGG - Global Free Online Games Portal: PS: Please attach the original email below when you reply to us, it would be a great help to us processing your request in time.

***nore = Leonore
***ack = Darack
***imo = some keeper alt. no clue.

After their mains went in prison they started this such arrassement trying push me to be free hahaha.. suuure. Leo**** = ***nore kept calling me names n saying she is innocent n only got used. The fun is Look as cute r they together after "he used her" sure she is so upset!!!


The fun is after this all, they keep showing off around like nothing, talking about this in local channel as nothing... the most is ***ack = Darack with his alt. just look uself as faceless... just look at this!!

Lately, she has been trying sell unicorn lv 100 asking 2k points.. using her alt ****lia = Ceci***. Advertise: IS NOT Cecilia2.

Be careful... They walk and talk as persons.. but rats.

Champion in this land where we have killed our God...

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PostSubject: Re: Leo Scammers!!!!!   Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:14 pm

lo trate como a un hermano....

No rest.No mercy.No matter what.Wrath is no vice when inflited upon deserving.
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Leo Scammers!!!!!
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