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 *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*

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PostSubject: *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*   Tue May 01, 2012 2:38 pm

I swear my allegiance to Prodigies guild as an institution and as family.


Level: 89 rb


15 years old, born 2/13/1997, Friday the 13th. mamaw

English knowledge

1. I do not speak English
2. Understanding and answering in English takes a lot of trouble for me
3. I can communicate in English without trouble or takes only a bit of effort.
4. English is my mother language.

Number 4. xD English is my mother language. I do however in game tend to speak like this becuase it make the sentences shorter and allows it to all fit in one message instead of a few. Example: Yo, Im Fries, I dun like apple when it gots the skin cause it tastes nasty. I also use the face emotes a lot. mamaw If my bad grammer in game is annoying, tell me and I can talk normal.

Guilds and why I left them

CountrySong: I didnt have a guild and Pc and Tidus2 invited me to it so I just joined because and then Tidus2 quit on me. mamaw
WinterWolves: Pc disbanned it due to inactivity.
Veterans: Jayflo was in it while I was in it and I hate that fag. Plus he kept calling me a wozzer what ever that is. laugh
McGolden: I left because it was mine and Tidus2s guild and it was inactive so he disbanned it.
Flavor: It was a guild that had like 4 people and then a bunch of their alts.

There are many others I have been in and I left them for all the same reasons, either because of inactivity, disbanned, really nooby, or I was gettinglike 50 messages every day from noobs in the guild wanting money, items and help on quests and it was very very annoying, I dont mind helping on quests, but when I have like 10 people at the same time wanting help, it gets annoying.


Defection: 119 fire not rb killer
Defective: 114 fire not rb wit
DeadWeight: 87 fire not rb killer
Nazi: 66 water not rb killer, made her yesterday. I just made her so I could see if water killers are anywhere near as good as fire killers since Ive never had a water killer before.
MrPie2,3,4, and 5: All 26 fires non rb. They just collect stuff like ores and wood and those kinds of things for Kutabare.
Kutabare: 33 water not rb. Shes my manufacturer
MrPie: 14 water not rb. Hes my compounder.

And though they arent rb and are low levels, the 119, 114, and 87 along with fries are able to do quests like Fred, Crit, and Cloudy Sword. I did them for a friend and an old alt once with them.

Everything else Arrogant

My experiences in Wonderland Online are fairly good. I know how to level and I know most of the quests. Ive been playing Wonderland for 3+ years now, I started some time in early 2009 during version 3. I have been scammed before and let me tell you, I hate it, its very annoying. Since Ive gotten my laptop for christmas of 2009, I have played this game literally ever single day up untill now except for 1 week, and that was because I went on vacation in Florida and there was no wireless internet. Had to stick with Minecraft offline. xD Overall, this is my favorite online game that I have played, and it was the first I ever played.

I will contribute to the guild in any way that I am asked as long as its withing my capabilities. I can help with quests if Im needed. I am able to do the events such as Golden Compass, NT, and the Pvp server events. I can help in Trojan War. Ill join someone for 15r if Im needed, if I dont join a team, I can get to round 13 with my alts. Fries can also seal and resist seal fairly decent.

Yes, I am the only one that knows my accounts and Im not gonna tell anyone so that I do not get scammed or hacked. So dont ask. mamaw

Yes, I am able to do any events, including Trojan War, unless I am at school. And none of the events start while Im at school so I should be fine.

Yes I am able to do hard training to level up. When I rbed Fries like a month ago, I trained for 2 weeks straight non stop 24/7 during school and over night just because I wanted Fries to be able to Yin Yang Suit again.

Recommendations: Nobody. mamaw

By the way, I found this site like a year ago by looking it up after seeing an All message with the URL to the site. xD
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PostSubject: Re: *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*   Wed May 02, 2012 1:02 am

very nicely done, even though u have no recommendation i see u put a lot of effort into this so im willing to give u a chance. gl to ya
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PostSubject: Re: *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*   Wed May 02, 2012 1:47 am

xD I had to do my application 3 times. mamaw It was annoying, the first time I pressed the refresh page button and I had to start over. I ment to press the preview button but I wasnt thinking and pressed the Refresh. Then I did the application again, finished it, pressed preview to see how it was and I was disconnected from the internet so it showed the page cannot be found thing. laugh Then I had to do it again. affraid <--- And I like that face.
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PostSubject: Re: *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*   Wed May 09, 2012 12:17 am

since no one else is posting other wise.....accepted. find vice or leader in game and welcome to the prodigies family
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PostSubject: Re: *McFries Water 89 rb Wit*   

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*McFries Water 89 rb Wit*
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