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 WRcrCV's Application

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PostSubject: WRcrCV's Application   Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:46 am

I foolishly posted this on the WLO forums lol Arrogant

Do you swear allegiance to prodigies guild as an institution and family?
I certainly will. I'll do my best to be a terrific representative of the guild. It's pretty swell when people work together for a common goal or good so hopefully I can help with that.

•Main character nick: (the one you want to join): WRcrCV
[name comes from Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Carlos Vela incase we have soccer fans]

•Character element, current level, and reborned job if you have been reborned:
Fire, 95RB, Killer

•Character HP, SP, STR and INT:
Hp 2340
SP 933
Str 419
Int: 0

•Your age: 18

•Your English language knowledge ( please choose only 1 answer in your application)
1.I do not speak English
2.Understanding and answering in English takes a lot of trouble for me
3.I can communicate in English without trouble or takes only a bit of effort.
4.English is my mother language.

Number 4. I am part Mexican, so I got some Spanish skills too, but no fancy vocab *sigh*

•Previous guilds, and why did you leave:
A bunch of small ones when I first started so I don't count those since initially I didn't know what I was doing.
My only 'serious' one was "Dragon Warriors." The guild was really quiet and for some reason, the guild leader's bf hated me. He tried to talk about me in Spanish but when I told him I understand what he says, the made him hate me more. I don't talk about anyone so I don't expect to have issues.

•List out all the alts, their levels (RB job if it's reborned), elements, builds and guilds:
CALLmeMIKE, 89RB Fire Wit, basically a 2:1 Int:Con build. Guildless but I'm not worried about him
ChuckNoris, 61 Rb Earth Wit, 4k HP for the win. Guildless but agan, not concerned

•Tell us about your wonderland experience:
It has been pretty good. I like how WLO has things that force ppl to get together as opposed to previous games I've played that don't need that. AFK training works for me. Because of college, I might go a wk or two without playing but I read about leaving notifications if I plan to be away for a long time. I like having pets to work with so I train them a lot so it does delay my leveling but I'm fine with that. It'll play off in the future.

•How are you planning to contribute to the guild:
I plan to chat, do event games, and do guild instances/events if I have the time. I should be fairly active so I should get to know most of the members, and offer transportation once in a while since I make rafts frequently. I love football or in the US it's soccer so if we have any enthusiasts, we're going to be best friends lol.

•Are you the unique with access to your chars ?
Worded funny, should be more specific. smoking

If it's asking am I the only one with access to my char, then yeah,

•Are you able to attend events, mainly Trojan War ?
The non combat events I'm pretty good with. I don't do PvP. I will if it's high encouraged and my level is good enough,

•Are you able to do HARD training to lvl up everyday ?
Not HARD training. I am training pets so that slows down my exp but I am cool with it. On a double exp wkend perhaps if I have a team.

None but thanks for your time.
I'm friends with one of your guild members so I hope that counts for something lol
I am aware it could take 2-4wks for a decision but thanks for reading this Nod
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WRcrCV's Application
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