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 Application Guide

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PostSubject: Application Guide   Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:45 pm

PunishmenT Guild Application Guide

First of all, please visit and read our Guild Policy. If you agree with it, please follow these questions to create your own application.
Answer absolutly all with the truth without half answers. Joining for using lies n being kicked later for finding out the reallity will be a necesary lost.

• Do you swear allegiance to prodigies guild as an institution and family?

• Main character nick: (the one you want to join)

• Character element, current level, and reborned job if you have been reborned:

• Character HP, SP, STR and INT

• Your age:

• Your English language knowledge ( please choose only 1 answer in your
1. I do not speak English
2. Understanding and answering in English takes a lot of trouble for me
3. I can communicate in English without trouble or takes only a bit of effort.
4. English is my mother language.

• Previous guilds, and why did you leave:

• List out all the alts, their levels (RB job if it's reborned), elements, builds and guilds:

• Tell us about your wonderland experience:

• How are you planning to contribute to the guild:

• Are you the unique with access to your chars ?

• Are you able to attend events, mainly Trojan War ?

• Are you able to do HARD training to lvl up everyday ?

• Recommendations:

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Application Guide
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